Pickle me doughnuts?

Bloomberg’s Businessweek brings us an interesting story today about pickled doughnuts. Now why in the world would something like pickled doughnuts be interesting to us? Well, not so much for what it is, but rather for what it says about those who would provide something like this.

To us and our ear, the thought of a pickled doughnut is not necessarily the most appetizing of things. However, we are not the only market that is out there in the world. The world is obviously a very big place, and in it you will find a breadth of diversity.

In the midst of that diversity we need to learn how to cater so that we may grow our audience and clientele. We do this by catering to them, not necessarily forcing them to see things from our perspective. Yes, we have a product that we would like to push before their eyes. But in order to get it before their eyes we need to turn those eyes first toward us. The way we do this is by catering to them…giving them something, captivating them with something, that is for them and not for us.

Think about this as you market your products and services. How do you market? Are you marketing yourself to yourself? Meaning you are giving to the public something you would want to see? Or are you marketing to them something they would want to see, regardless of where you currently stand.

We definitely need to rethink things…perhaps a pickled doughnut will help us do just that.

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