A Pig Can Make All the Difference in the World: Business and Ethics

Chipotle, that great purveyor of the burrito, has made a name for itself in the food industry. It is typically known as a company which has a determined work ethic, and interest in the environment, and a foot hold in food industry providers.

Recently, Chipotle ran into issues with its pork supplier. It seems as if there was a bit of controversy regarding whether the pork was truly free range or not.

What did the burrito giant do? Did they simply turn to another, less wholesome provider of pork meat? No. Instead, they took pork off the menu completely. Chipotle would rather hold up its ethic than turn somewhere else for a quick buck.

This ethic has led many to praise the food industry business, which in turn has led to an increase in sales for them. You see, people like to know and see this sort of transparency in the companies they deal with and give their money to.

This gets us to think about our own companies that we lead. What message do we give off to them and how transparent are we with them? Transparency goes a long way to building trust. Let us get on that trust and build it before the eyes of our clientele.


Read the full article here: How Chipotle Got Religion on Sustainable Pork

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