The Power of the Handwritten Note

The power of the personal, handwritten note has been documented for a long time now. There is nothing that speaks of a personal touch than receiving a letter written by one’s own hand.

Such notes speak of familiarity and intimacy. Colleagues are enamored with such notes. Workers feel special when receiving them. Future business partners are impressed with you that you took the time to write in your own hand a personal correspondence.

The power of the handwritten note is so uniformly recognized that new technology is coming out to more closely mimic the handwritten note. New fonts are being developed and new ink toners are being produced that will give this impression.

One can see, then, how important the hand written note is…and it’s for that reason alone that you should bypass all the tricks of fonts and toner ink and simply write, in your own hand, a note.

It is obvious from the efforts of industry leaders how important this is to people…so you, as a leader, ought to bring it back. This personal touch will go a long way in the minds of those you are reaching out to.

Take a moment to consider.



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