Practice Makes Perfect



Practice makes perfect. That’s how the old saying goes, right? And it is a saying that we live by. Whether we are growing up and learning how to throw a ball, do a lay up or write in cursive…practice makes perfect. The more we practice, the more things fall into place.

So how does this translate to our sales lives? Well, in many ways it comes down to us learning the pitch and executing it…flawlessly.

That’s right. It comes down to the flawless pitch. How does that come about? Well, for one thing it happens with practice. It helps us to rehearse and to recognize what sort of potential questions can come up that will throw us off our game. You see, the more you rehearse the more you are able to anticipate those questions and know how to answer them.

That’s what it means to practice and make that pitch perfect. Think about what you’ll experience and what you can come up against in the pitch room. Practice it and make it work for you. For when you do, then you’ll be able to embrace that pitch and truly live it.

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