Public sector projects facing project management talent deficit –

Public sector projects are facing a very big deficit when it comes to management talent. Large UK public sector projects are running a great risk of delays as well as rising costs if the issue of a regional skills gap is not fixed. Costs look as though they are going to rise because projects are having to pay a premium for commercial, financial as well as project management labor. The demand for these kinds of skills outweighs supply by a lot.

Key Takeaways:

  • Britain is currently hemorrhaging skilled workers as the deadline for Brexit grows nearer,
  • Outsourcing is one solution to help minimize the impact, but you cannot outsource infrastructure jobs.
  • Companies are starting to get creative with hiring and figuring out how their businesses will work post-Brexit, but it doesn’t matter if public sector wages do not improve.

“In the mounting uncertainty surrounding Brexit, which is edging ever closer to the 2019 deadline for a conclusion of divorce negotiations between Britain and the EU, Britain looks increasingly likely to experience a significant “brain drain”.”

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