Building a Workplace of Respect

Recent studies have shown that employees believe their leaders and bosses show a certain amount of disrespect towards them. When weighed with regard to job performance, this study found that such a feeling of disrespect certainly played into each employees overall job performance.

Essentially, what this study is showing us is that in no uncertain terms are we to believe that employees are immune to our own behavioral patterns as CEOs. In fact, as the CEO your employees are looking to you more to be an example and image of what they ideally want to see in a leader and future developer and innovator of business.

For this reason, you as a CEO must do one very simple thing: show respect.

Show respect to each of your employees, and you will see a very certain and specific rise in demeanor and workplace environment. These days those two things cannot and should not be taken for granted.

More than ever, the overall ethos of a workplace is under very direct and specific scrutiny.

So take some time to see and understand this article today, and learn not only how easy it is to be respectful, but also learn how rewarding it can be.

Read the full article here: Why showing your employees respect is even more important than you think

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