Respect: The Cornerstone of Success

This writer tells how respect is the most important quality to have, in order to be a great leader and have a successful business life. He explains how lack of respect can be the end of any chance at success in the business world. When people respect you, will often be easier to get to believe and follow you. One common mistake of people trying to earn respect is to act superficial. This actually just has a negative effect on the amount of respect you are given. It is also important to be authentic in everything you do in the business world. Lastly be sure that you work to decrease miscommunication with in your business group, as this can lead to negative effects in respect.

Key Takeaways:

  • If people respect you, they will be understanding, even if they don’t like you
  • Be able to admit when you’re wrong, and be authentic
  • Gaining respect is about opening yourself and bringing your sincere self to the table

“Gaining respect is just about openly and sincerely bringing yourself to the table — for all to see.”

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