Responding to Feedback You Disagree With

An online version of a business school magazine has an opinion piece about how to respond to negative feedback. The writer advises someone who gets this feedback to first do nothing. She advises cooling off and reflecting, then asking questions from those who gave the criticism. She thinks that talking things out can help someone see her faults and move to correct them. Also, she advises the recipient to seek out friends who can provide perspective, not just support. She illustrates her advice with two examples.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you disagree with a word used to describe your work, it could be that the speaker had a different definition than yours.
  • Questions, like, “when you say that I am ****, what exactly does that mean to you?” can help.
  • Another important question might be “can you name specific instances when my work showed the quality you have taken issue with?”

“In order to decide whether to accept or reject the feedback, we automatically scan for what’s wrong with it”

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