Science Proves Why Good Sleep Is Critical to Your Success

An online magazine for growing businesses has a feature about the benefits of sleeping. The writer cites the chief executive officer of a consulting group specializing in sleep improvement. The ceo gives seven reasons why a good sleep experience improves work performance. He cites studies that show good sleep makes happier and less accident-prone employees. He offers anecdotal evidence that good sleep lends itself to a better reaction to pressure. The story is accompanied by a photo of a woman sleeping peacefully.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having enough sleep can effect a persons mood significantly, affecting daily and weekly.
  • Sleeping allows for a person to better rest and to think about something in their subconscious as they’re sleeping to solidify their thoughts.
  • People who are not tired are less prone to accidents as they are able to think more clearly.

“Forgoing rest often seems like a necessary choice when your dreams or career are on the line. Scientific evidence, however, makes a strong case that skipping sleep is actually the most counterproductive decision you can make.”

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