Stop Talking And Start Listening: Employees Need to Be Heard

Everyone wants to be heard. Especially your employees. To be in a workplace where an individual’s voice doesn’t seem very important can be an extremely disheartening thing for any employee.

So what are you doing to allow those voices to be heard? As a CEO, it’s very easy to be heard. In fact, you expect it. But as an employee, if there is no avenue for them to have their voices heard then they will grow discontent with their surroundings and begin looking elsewhere.

Here are a few ideas of how you can have an employees voice heard. First, you may want to give them an avenue through which they can speak. Whether it’s an anonymous question and answer system, or a forum where they can voice their opinions. Giving them a forum for their voice will be extremely important.

Second, get to know your employees. Circulate around them and give them access to yourself. So them that you are available for talks and discussions. This will be a game-changer for them and how they see the company.


Read the full article here: How to stop talking and start listening to your employees

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