Strategies for Managing Several Important Projects Simultaneously



One of the most challenging aspects of being an executive is managing several important projects at the same time. Even with a host of technological tools we now have at our disposal, overseeing the particulars that can determine the success or failure of a new product rollout, advertising campaign or expansion into a foreign country can be a challenge for even the most detail oriented leader.

Hopefully, this feature outlines a number of useful strategies that can be employed to keep a close eye on multiple projects.

For instance, the piece suggests utilizing your weekly reports in order to create a to-do list made up of tasks from each of your ongoing projects. That way, you’ll gain a holistic and tightly organized view of everything you need to get done instead of being overwhelmed by addressing each project one by one.

Another useful technique is to set weekly meetings with the team assigned to tackle each project. By spending 30 minutes to an hour with each team you’ll be able to address any problems that could threaten mission success with maximum efficiency. When dealing with multiple projects at the same time, micromanaging is just a time-wasting indulgence.

Follow the link below to learn more strategies you can use to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Read the full article here:

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