Tech Titans Combine to Accelerate AI Development

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  • Excel has been one of those tools executives have a hard time letting go, so if you want to bring your “A-game” to those beloved spreadsheets, here’s how you can leverage AI with Excel.
  • The biggest criticisms of the developing AI technologies is safety, well, Microsoft is listening: Microsoft has developed the Azure AI Content Safety platform.
  • Tech-titans combine to accelerate the development of AI…NVIDIA and Foxconn have partnered together (for a real-world Voltron) to build AI factories and systems to help accelerate AI developments and lead the new AI industrial revolution. It does sound like a new Saturday-morning cartoon doesn’t it?
  • Meta’s Chief AI scientist allays fears that AI won’t murder you while you sleep.
  • We’ve mentioned before how “quiet” Apple seems to be on the AI-front, but we may soon see SiriAI (my own coin phrase) in an iPhone near you.

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