Telling Your Signature Story

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One of the keys to being a successful entrepreneur and running a successful business is to tell a signature and unique story. To tell a signature story, you need to have authenticity to it. It really needs to be from the heart. You also have to tell the specifics of it. Additionally, it needs to be able to ring true with your audience.

Key Takeaways:

  • ” There are three main qualities of an effective signature series.”
  • ” A story has to have the power of authenticity behind it. Legitimate stories are always more interesting. “
  • ” A story has to have serendipity behind it. A story has to be specific, more details always helps.”

“A Signature Story that’s based on exaggeration (or even worse, lies) is neither effective nor ethical. However, a narrative rooted in reality has the power of authenticity behind it.”

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