The 8 Golden Rules of Pitching Investors

Pitching ideas is an important skill that you can’t really teach. There are 8 things to adhere to in order to make a successful pitch. You shouldn’t be cocky. Be confident, not needy. You can acknowledge that you don’t know things, since it shows that you don’t have expectations that are unrealistic. Be human. You need to show a connection. You have to show passion and tenacity. Look put together, if you look like you rolled out of bed people will assume you’re disorganized. Ask the people you are pitching to questions. Most importantly, you need to paint a picture of the future you see so that people can get behind your idea.

Key Takeaways:

  • How you are perceived by the investor makes a difference so strike a balance between: humble, confident, likable and competent
  • Do your research and make a connection with the investor on a deeper level and don’t be afraid to show your passion (especially if its your company)
  • This could be the start of a business alliance so make sure you’re happy and comfortable if they invest.

“Pitching is a critical skill, and one that is rarely taught. Whether you’re pitching investors, pitching your boss or pitching a potential partner, without a sharp and considered pitch, you’ll be tossed aside.”

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