The Benefits of Agile Approach to Meetings

How many meetings do you have a day? Do you ever dread these meetings? If you are part of the business world, meetings are essential and often a part of day to day life of a business. One key note to include is putting thought into the objectives to get the most out of the time of you and the attendees in your meeting. To learn more about how to obtain better meetings through learning from agile, read more in this article here!

Key Takeaways:

  • Hold short meetings daily. Multiple meetings can be held daily, if you have a large team.
  • Respect people’s time, make sure to set a firm start & end time & calculate the cost of downtime, showing that lost productivity, could result in lost finances.
  • No matter if you’re holding an onsite meeting, or virtual meeting, it’s important to: Prioritize your points & time, move uncompleted actions forward & make the most out of meetings!

“The shorter the meeting, the more focused people have to be to get everything discussed in the session.”

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