The Best Location for Your Startup Is Where Your Customers Are

Entrepreneurs are now playing to their audience now more than ever. The most important aspect of a successful start up is to find where your early adapting customers are and move there. The key is to find where the market is and move your business there. There can be a draw to moving to popular areas like Silicon Valley, but entrepreneurs are getting away from that and going where the most knowledge and experience is.

Key Takeaways:

  • While there is a high concentration of funding in Silicon Valley, it’s certainly not a natural hub for many markets that are ripe for innovation: agribusiness, autos and health care.
  • It’s important to build your startup in proximity to your key market.
  • Certain local markets can provide a benefit in employees used to that industry and many early customers who can purchase your products and services.

“Harbach has led multiple startups, including a luxury furniture store and interior design firm, a golf destination club, two 7-Eleven stores and a private country club golf network.”

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