The Best Way to Inspire Creativity in Others Isn’t What You Might Think

Have you ever given thought to the word, inspiration? What truly inspires you? Often people associate inspiration to those that have been awarded for a merit in their field but that plaque is not always the best way to inspire your employees. Any ideas of what might inspire your employees to work harder or to inspire others in the work place? Money. Don’t be shocked because while some people want the fame and even live for it, others are motivated by money.

Key Takeaways:

  • Awards and plaques to recognize employees’ are okay, but money talks louder.
  • Cash rewards tend to be a better motivator for creativity, whereas recognition conforms to less risk-taking and more people-pleasing, which stifles creativity.
  • Monetary rewards make people more likely to want to be original and stand out from the crowd.

“Turns out, monetary rewards are the best way to promote creative work. Shocked? It’s true. While we often stereotype artists, musicians, designers and other creatives as people focused on fame and recognition, that thinking is far-off. Like the rest of us, these people are just as motivated by money.”

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