The Fundamental Differences Between Leadership And Management

There are fundamental differences between leadership and management. Having visionary leadership combined with amazing management achieves the best results. The question arises as to how so many companies get it wrong, especially during times when there is much needed change. These differences between leadership and management apply to any team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Management is a set of systems and processes designed for organizing, budgeting, staffing and problem solving to achieve the desired results of an organization.
  • Leadership defines the vision, mission and what the “win” looks like in the future. It inspires the team to take the actions needed to achieve those results.
  • Most organizations still focus on what is really management development, not true leadership development.

“There are fundamental differences between leadership and management that apply to any team or organization, but the focus of this article is to explore the strengths of each as they apply to leading organizational change.”

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