The Long-Term Memory Hack That Can Grow Your Network And Business

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It has recently been announced that there are many new long term memory tricks that can be performed to grow one’s network or business. One trick is to constantly repeat information to yourself and the people around you. This will result in a group of people becoming very informed in a certain topic as it will stay in their long term memory.

Key Takeaways:

  • Entrepreneurs and job seekers both live or die by the relationships they build—with new clients, contacts, recruits, investors, and partners.
  • If you can continue to engage that client who can’t afford your services yet, you can carve out your place in their memories.
  • By positioning yourself as a trusted resource rather than a pushy salesperson, other people will associate you with what you’ve taught them and how you’ve helped them out.

“If you can continue to engage that client who can’t afford your services yet, or that investor who’s in the middle of a heated acquisition, you can carve out your place in their memories.”

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