The Motivating Morning Routines of 4 Successful Sharks

Morning routines have become very popular lately. Morning routines are something you do every morning to get your day started. Kevin o leary writes down three things,each night, he wants to get done the next day. He does not do anything else until those three things gets done. Barbara Corcoran does simple tasks that seem to help her psyche. She workouts, eats, feeds her dog and if she has time she works in her garden. Daymond John reads his goals every morning and also workouts. Rohan Oza starts his day with apple cider vinegar and a quick breakfast. All of these people are sharks from the T.V. Show Shark Tank. They are very successful, and their morning routines help to show why.

Key Takeaways:

  • a morning routine is a common trait among successful people
  • many people have a particular food or drink they prefer to start the day
  • some plan things out the night before to be able to get off to a fast start

“Even if you’re not a “morning person,” you should consider adopting a morning routine before you start the grind of your workday. A routine sets the tone for the day because you’re beginning each morning getting something accomplished.”

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