The New Rules Of Employee Performance Management

We can’t discuss representative execution administration without discussing Millennials. A Tri-Net Perform investigation of 1,000 full-time Millennial representatives found that 74% as often as possible feel oblivious about how their chiefs and associates believe they’re performing at work, because of the occasional way of input. One of the significant issues about customary execution surveys is that they’ve regularly been utilized as the main calculate the raises or other execution impetuses workers will get the finish of the year. While considering any way to deal with execution administration, the question must get to be.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maybe you immediately flash back to uncomfortable annual reviews you’ve had – ones where you sat, pensively, opposite an intimidating boss who was trying to encapsulate a year’s worth of performance into a single, summarized statement.
  • Or maybe you’re that boss, and instead of flashbacks of your own reviews, you’re thinking of the burden annual reviews place on your time – from the effort needed to fulfill HR’s rules and requirements
  • to the difficulty of finding the right words to appropriately sum up an employee’s year-long efforts.

“When I say the words “Performance management,” what’s your first reaction?”

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