The Simple 7-Step Path to Problem Solving

A website for business people contains a feature about setting and achieving one’s goals. The feature is a summary from a podcast. It lists seven actions to take. The first, and most important task to is actually pick out a goal. After that, the person should try to use a metric so he or she can measure progress. An independent person (not a spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend) should serve as a guide. One should let others know about his or her goals, and persevere.

Key Takeaways:

  • Problem solving all starts with setting a goal, by identifying the problem, one can begin to fix it.
  • Next comes planning, it is essential to plan and make sure there is a clear line of sight in view to fixing the problem.
  • After solving the problem it is important to stick with what worked and do not fall back into old habits or routines that caused the problem in the first place.

“Personally, I think spring is a great time to make new goals–it’s starting to get warm, and stay light later, and it makes for a more pleasant environment.”

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