Thinking Like A Beginner Can Make You More Productive. 4 Brain Hacks Make it Possible

Your brain is always working and learning, for some creativity is a must. Many of us wake up every day and live like it is groundhogs day. The alarm goes off, we go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed and go to work. We don’t question anything, never come up with new ideas. Try thinking outside the box. What would he or she do, try something new, write down new ideas during the day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Repetition of a task can cause complacency. Thinking as someone unfamiliar with a topic can yield creative results.
  • Thinking about what others want can make you think differently and create more user-friendly products
  • Creativity is born from doing things outside of one’s normal routine

“Basically, anything that has you trying something new works. As it turns out, if you want to think differently, you just need to practice doing it.”

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