This CEO’s Team Is 84 Percent Millennials. Here’s How He Makes It Work

Millennials have started to become more popular in the workforce than any other generation. A CEO’s tips are to inspire millennials, establishing long term goals, letting them share responsibility, and letting them connect with coworkers. They want to be informed of themselves and their businesses’ progress. They need a specific goal with specific steps to follow. Instead of bringing up shortcomings, bring up the positives of what they are doing on a daily basis to tell them that their work matters.

Key Takeaways:

  • Promote the connection between the ‘why’ of their work and the actual day-to-day tasks to help facilitate that drive for significance that many millennials possess.”
  • Once you’ve explained your goals, don’t forget to give feedback over time, which helps millennials assess progress
  • They want to share responsibility! Dougherty says he enables his team to figure out precisely how they’re going to tackle deliverables, getting out of the way where they’re capable.

“Millennials might have their idiosyncrasies, which you have to acknowledge, but at the end of the day, they’re just people. Take the time to learn who each of them is and they’ll respond in incredibly rewarding ways.”

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