This Is What Truly Exceptional Leadership Is All About

The author desires to go beyond a definition of leadership to understand leadership “enlightenment.” He determines that the best results come from teamwork, so he enlists a team of thinkers to weigh in on the definition of leadership. What does this look like? A list of 36 quotes from great leaders like Bennis, Goleman, and Forbes. Because leadership itself is a dynamic thing, the author offers that these quotes are meant to spur discussion and evolving thought on the concept.

Key Takeaways:

  • The quest to define exceptional leadership obsesses many people, and the definitions vary not only in content, but in context.
  • Enlightenment will allow us not only to understand the exceptional leadership universe, but also to improve our own condition.
  • The answer lies in the same simple principle which enables success in everything we do: teamwork!

“My friendships and relationships are based on this declaration. And each of you, many without even being aware, has mentored me in some significant way.”

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