This Sports Publicist Explains How to Make Your Online Content Go Viral

When you are in business it is important that you are doing your best to make the most of social media. Its insane what social media can do for your business. You need to try your best to make your content and videos go viral. That means that thousands and thousands of people will see what you posted and is the potential to get a lot of new and returning customers. Check out this video and see what this successful sports publicist has to say about it.

Key Takeaways:

  • it is important for your on-line audience to relate to the human side of your life as well as to the professional business side of your life
  • the key to being a powerful influencer is to make your audience feel that they are VIP guests by making them part of original experiences from the time they get the invitation
  • social media is now so far-reaching that influencers may experience a back lash as news and the publicity experience becomes less personalized

“Cindy Hamilton is a Chicago-based sports publicist who has carried out influencer campaigns for major brands like Nike and Adidas, so she knows a little bit about the digital space.”

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