Three “Powerful” Speaking Habits That Are Intimidating Your Audience

Sometimes public speaking can be a bit intimidating. Almost all of us have to preform it in school or our jobs. I think most will agree, there is nothing worse then a speaker who seems like a mannequin. What a difference it makes. Someone who smiles or at least looks human, even if hey are giving a speech on a serious subject. We have certain things, even in just recounting a story among friends, to make it come across more powerful. Like your waiting for it to come. When someone builds up to a climax with nothing more then a pause. If you are paying attention it can make it more exciting, even if one is teling a story. Many people who speaks worst mistake is repeating the same concusion over and over again. It makes the people listening that the speaker thinks the audiance does not get it the first second or third time. It makes them feel like children,or like they cant comprehend what he is saying. Speeches or instructions should be enjoyable for both parties. A smile or even a relaxed person shows that they are human. When you build to a climax you need to give a speech to yourself so you dont get clumsley. If you pause too long it loses the effect you try for in the first place. If you tell me too many time the same things over and over I will resent whatever you are saying because you are treating me as a child. I hope this insight helps you give a enjoyable speech to your fellow workers instead of a dreadful one.

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