Tips for Closing the Deal Quickly


As is made clear in every film ever made about sales, the longer a customer has to consider the various aspects of the deal, the greater the likelihood they won’t actually sign on the line which is dotted. However, the most difficult to master aspect of the craft of deal making use creating a palpable sense of urgency within a client without making them feel as if they are being pushed into making a purchase they will almost certainly regret.

Leaders are interested in getting some new perspectives on how to attack the most challenging aspect of the sales process should definitely give this Business Insider article collating tips from the sales industry’s best and brightest a read.

Saleforce’s Paul Walker stresses the importance of mirroring with authenticity. Marketing analyst Rohan Ayyar recommends converting gatekeepers to your cause before reaching out to decision-makers. Velocify CEO Nick Hedges argues for the virtues of keeping the pitch as simple and focused as possible.

Account executive Elizabeth Ostby reminds salespeople to never underestimate the value of humor in fostering bonds and closing deals. Account executive Emily Markenson suggests doing extensive research before every meeting with a client as to avoid making any biographical misstatements at the all-important first meeting. Click the link below to learn other tips on how to close the deal quickly.

Read the full article here:

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