Tips on How to Cultivate the Ultimate Business Network


When it comes to scaling up a business, there are few tools as effective as a robust and thoughtfully curated network of connections. With the right connections, a CEO can expand into the lucrative new market, establish a parallel stream of income, be made aware of the sudden availability of an A+ player or gain access to hard-to-reach gatekeepers who can open the doors to a game changing sales opportunity.

Those looking for a few tips on how to cultivate such a network would do well to read this Project Management Hack’s interview with high level networking specialist Geoff Woods.

Among the networking tips that Woods offers in the interview is the importance of seeking out connections with people who’ve already achieved your currently pursuing. Creating connections with the leading lights in your industry, especially older business leaders who are now interested in moving into a mentoring phase, can be hugely effective at helping your company achieve its long-term goals.

He also discusses the value of having connections with people who have experience with things like logistics and marketing as they can offer you and valuable advice when your company enters into a phase of rapid expansion. Check out the full piece to learn more of Woods’ networking tips.

Read the full article here:

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