To Be Successful, Be Patient With Your Imperfections

Since you’re not perfect it is advised that you be patient with yourself as is presented in the minutes of this video. If you are perfect maybe forgo the video and revisit an old cliche. If you are beyond perfect the same. Otherwise you will hear the speaker go on and on about his imperfections that he doesn’t want anyone to know and the pressures he faces in the world of dark matter and drama.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not knowing what to do is the normal, human state of affairs, a situation that will present itself over and over again, throughout a lifetime.
  • However much we discover and experience, we are never insulated from needing to discover and experience more.
  • Lewis Howes, inspirational speaker, addresses personal turmoil and suggests that relief starts with patience with one’s imperfections.

“Even though I’m learning and growing daily, life is still challenging. The more I learn, grow and become better, new challenges present themselves to me.”

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