To manage effectively, think of delegation as a goal, not a means – Quartz

Management can be more effective if the responsibility is shared among the team. But delegation is troublesome in many workplaces. Instead of delegation as an act of handing out work, it’s often easier to manage if it is looked at as an end result in itself. Break out the project including time constraints and areas of expertise of contributors. Handle the delegation process like a project with various needs and once it’s been successfully administered, oversight of the main project as a whole is easier.

Key Takeaways:

  • The first point is to delegate items that you are most familiar because you can effectively monitor them.
  • The second point is set deadlines that are visible to team members and communicate those deadlines. Ensure that stumbling blocks/bottlenecks are completed on the way to meeting deadlines.
  • The third takeaway is to decide when a project is considered completed, i.e. decide what the deliverable is.

“Deciding how to handle quality checks tends to be one of the last hurdles to approaching project management with a strong focus on delegation.”

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