Are You Seeing 20/20?

The leader, CEO, owner of a business is the figure head of the company. And as such, he or she must be a visionary leader. Without vision, the company will be like a ship without a rudder, which we all know will eventually be lost at sea. How does one avoid such a disaster? By being visionary.

What does it mean to have vision? Well, some may say that it pertains to the concept of direction. But this is not necessarily true. Direction can be short-sighted, or myopic. “What am I doing today?” “The copier needs toner…”

To be visionary means to have a long term goal or objective in mind for your company as a whole. It goes far beyond the day to day operations of the business. Now we are talking about identity, purpose and being.

Sounds sort of lofty, doesn’t it? Well, to help with that today we have an article from Forbes Magazine which will help you cultivate this visionary character. Take a look today and get started now on planning out your future.

Read the full article here: Are You a Visionary Business Leader?

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