Traveling With Colleagues: 6 Dos And Don’ts

There are 6 do’s and don’t when you are travelling with your colleagues. It can be a lot of fun to travel with your work associates, but you need to remember that this is a trip for work and not pleasure, so there are some hings that you definitely don’t want to do. There is a whole new set of dynamics that opens up when you travel as a team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do you travel often for work? Or perhaps a new opportunity has come along which will involve prolonged travels in the future? You might think you’ll have a whale of a time – different country, different food and new places to visit.
  • Or, conversely, you might be anxious about the new responsibilities this entails. Take it from us – your mind-set should be somewhere midway between these two extremities: a clear focus that this is a work-do with roles and assignments, but with that little extra which comes with visiting someplace new/different.
  • You might also be asked to travel as a team. This opens up a whole new set of dynamics: although you might have a very close relationship with your colleagues, you cannot forget that your aim here is not to enjoy yourselves (or at least that shouldn’t be your sole aim), but to accomplish a set task.

“Your colleagues may be your friends but do not confuse a working trip for a holiday.”

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