Running the Interns: How To Use Your Interns Properly

How you use interns at your place of business will define whether you are preparing future, hirable employees, or just preparing gophers for a life of misery.

This is something that really needs to be addressed in our line of leadership. Interns should no longer be seen as a dime a dozen, inconsequential kids. Rather, they should be hand picked and highly selected individuals who are in fact training for your next job opening. This is the proper way to use interns. You and they should understand that what they are embarking on at your place of business is an extended job interview.

For this reason, give interns work that will not only help and support the current work that your employees are doing, but will also give them a taste of what working for you and your company is really like.

Gone are those days of sending the intern for a cup of coffee and the morning paper. These kids are highly intelligent individuals who are capable of doing a lot of heavy lifting and real work for you and your company. So give them something to aspire to…give them real work.

Read the full article here: Want more from your interns? Fetch your own coffee.

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