Want to be a better CEO in 2015? 15 steps to make it happen

Want to be that CEO you’ve always dreamed you would be? Do you want to be the CEO others always dreamed they would be working for? Well, let this year be the year when yours and their dreams become a reality.

Take some time today to look through this article on becoming the best and greatest CEO you can be in the year 2015. It really has some great advice to make an impression on your workplace. Simple suggestions, such as leaving hand written birthday cards for your employees will speak volumes to them.

I’m sure you have experienced something akin to this before: It’s your birthday and you receive a letter in the mail with a birthday greeting. It’s typed out and at the bottom, in cursive font, is the name of the CEO or other leader wishing you a happy birthday. There is certainly a bit amusement and disbelief one has in seeing that font.

“What, they don’t have the time to sign it themselves…”

Well, that same thought will linger in the minds of your own employees if you leave a similar type of card. But…a handwritten one will leave a lasting impression that will linger in a good way.

For more ideas on how to be a great CEO, take a look at today’s article.

Read the full article here: 15 Resolutions to Become a Better CEO in 2015

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