Want to Achieve Superior Business Results? Focus on Employees’ Experience of Work

Work culture contributes to almost three quarters of workplace dissatisfaction and in studies, it’s apparent that management directs cultural experience for employees. Workplaces can change the culture and management styles by encouraging group heads to consider themselves mentors, not typical bosses. Employees that feel their work contributes to the cause derive greater work satisfaction and that, in turn, yields superior end product whether it’s a production item or a project contribution. An employees experience of work can change positively when work culture is addressed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leaders can change the culture of a company by changing the experience of work.
  • Fully equip the managers in charge of leading employees so that they know to answer when, why, how, where, and who questions.
  • His book “The Optimistic Workplace” shows leaders how to create a positive workplace climate.

“While it is common practice to make culture the scapegoat, it is managers and employees who create the culture.”

Read more: https://www.inc.com/shawn-murphy/want-to-achieve-superior-business-results-focus-on-experience-of-work.html

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