Want To Be A CEO? It Helps To Look The Part

Apparently there is more to becoming a CEO than just an ivy league education and impeccable work experiences. Studies have shown that male CEO’s have a certain look, not necessarily looks that would be considered handsome but more facial features that are considered distinguished and competent. Looks of CEO’s included sharper features, and square jaws, they also looked more mature than some of their baby faced counterparts.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you want to be a chief executive officer, it helps to look the part.
  • Indeed, a look of competence was prized more than attractiveness in the leaders, he says.
  • The idea that top company executives could be chosen even partially based on looks was surprising given that boards pick CEOs by examining their records and experience, says Dr. Graham.

“Understanding these subconscious behavioral biases is important because there is no evidence that looking competent leads to better business decisions, according to the researchers.”


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