Want To Be A Great Team Player? Spend More Time Alone

According to some, the best way to be a team player is by spending more time alone! Collaborating may not necessarily mean cohabitating. If you spend all of your time with other people, you’re probably not being the team player you’re trying to be! Be sure to block out a 15-minute meeting each day. Make things explicit by writing them down. Create a straw model, something the team can pick apart and improve, working together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Employees can contribute more to a team if they spend quality time working and reflecting as individuals.
  • Developing a quality process for teams can result in a quality product created by teams.
  • A written goal can give a work team a tangible objective to work toward.

“From hospitals to high-tech to the military, great teamwork is proven to lead to better outcomes.”

Read more: http://www.ceo.com/leadership_and_management/want-to-be-a-great-team-player-spend-more-time-alone/

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