What to do when things heat up



Negotiations. We all have to do it at some point or another. It can be a negotiation with a new hire. Perhaps you are working through their compensation package and there is that back and forth about benefits, vacation packages and what not. This is an aspect of a negotiation.

Or, maybe you are working on negotiations with another company. It can be an acquisition on your part that is really being worked on between your company and another. As the nitty gritty is being worked out, you need to be at the table negotiating with others. It’s not always about the price point, but rather everything else that comes along with it.

So what do you do when these negotiations begin to get out of hand? And this doesn’t necessarily mean they are getting away from you. Rather, they can get heated on their part because they are not getting their way. Perhaps this leaves them wanting to walk away from the table and even jeopardize your entire agreement.

One thing to learn is negotiation management. Learn when to step on the gas to ramp up a negotiation, and learn when to ease off. This article will help you with both.


Read the full article here: How to cool down a heated negotiation

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