What’s Your Metric of Success?

Comedian Rob Corddry is a funny man comedian known for his turn on the Daily Show as well as numerous roles in movies. He’s not considered leading man material, but that doesn’t stop him from nabbing some of the best supporting roles and building a solid career.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently interviewed him about 5 signals of success. How does he understand success? For one thing, he gives equal weight to the applause as well as the criticism. You can’t have one without the other, and you can’t turn a deaf ear to one and only hear what you want. Both are helpful in growth and learning.

Take a read of today’s article for four more interesting, and quite surprisingly, very helpful words of advice.

Read the full article here: The 5 Signals of Success, According to a Daily Show Alum and Clown ‘Doctor’

And if you like, and we highly encourage you to…watch the video interview here…it really is entertaining and quite insightful:



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