Why Becoming Friends With Your Boss Might Be A Terrible Idea

Being friends with your boss can have benefits, you could get more money or promoted. It can become uncomfortable however, when boundaries are crossed. It’s best to be direct with your boss when something comes up of a personal nature nit related to work. Set your boundaries tell your boss you don’t want to talk about personal things and talk about work instead. If you have to do this a few times, you can keep your relationship professional and comfortable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being “best friends” with your boss can have serious negative side effects
  • If you don’t want your boss putting you in awkward situations, be direct with them when expressing those wishes
  • According to studies, being friends with your boss “can” have positive advantages, but the risks can outweigh the rewards usually

“While great bosses use emotional intelligence to bring teams together, surface talent, and resolve conflicts, others have trouble setting healthy boundaries.”


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