Why Leaders Think They’re Evolving When They’re Not

Many of us can relate to supervisors who are exceptionally hard on our performance and lost our trust as a leader. The truth is that these people are often not the cause of the widespread gap between coworkers. This issue stems from the root of businesses that create a stagnant environment by stripping employees of their identities. These “leaders'” have become defined by their business and lost touch with the Cultural Demographic Shift, thus failing to evolve with the workplace. In order to evolve, everyone needs to bring their authentic, 100% whole self to the table, and many business have failed to encourage that. The corporate solution begins with the company creating a truly inclusive workplace and rethinking, and possibly redefining, their standards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not allowing people to be who they are and become known inside their culture hinders leadership development.
  • People generally do not recognize their own weaknesses, they have to be told.
  • Being your most authentic can allow you to become the most inclusive leader.

“Dozens of leaders contacted me about that review. Many felt I did not come down hard enough on the supervisor when I held him accountable for his failure to be an inclusive leader, open to diversity of thought; none thought I was too easy on the employee. But this leader and the countless leaders I have met like him – both non-diverse and diverse – are not causes of the problem with inclusive leadership at most companies. They are symptoms.”

Read more: http://www.ceo.com/entrepreneurial_ceo/why-leaders-think-theyre-evolving-when-theyre-not/

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