Why Your Hiring Process Keeps Missing Candidates’ Character Flaws

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There are a lot of different criteria for how employers look for new employees. Many use complicated systems in order in ensure they get the best candidates. But it turns out that many employers may be missing some of the most important attributes in prospective candidates. Find out how employers are trying to sift through the potential employees to find the best one.

Key Takeaways:

  • The traditional hiring process is not as efficient at picking ethical and upstanding candidates as one may think.
  • When it comes to detecting deception, humans are statistically proven to be far less accurate than they believe.
  • A strong ethical reputation for the company, looking for individuals with a healthy sense of guilt, and structuring interviews can increase the chance of recognizing and hiring upstanding employees.

“The unstructured interview is one of the most common tools for hiring supposedly ethical employees. It’s an informal meeting with free-flowing questions that tends to differ from candidate to candidate.”


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