Well, What Do You Know…

…amidst last week’s words from the Microsoft CEO that women should remain quiet when considering a raise, a new article was released today regarding women and their ability as decision-makers.

A new report has determined that when under due stress, women on the whole make better decisions than men. Two separate studies, one conducted at Duke University and the other at the University of Southern California both found that women make better decisions under high duress, whereas men are more prone to making extremely risky decisions.

“Under low stress situations, men and women make decisions about equally well [but] men took more risks when they were stressed. They became more focused on big wins, even when they were costly and less likely.”

So it appears that women are able to make more calculated decisions when it comes down to it. So that begs the question: Are you placing the right people in the right positions to get the right jobs done.

Now, hear me out a bit. I’m not saying that you must put women in places of seniority at your companies. But what I am saying is that you shouldn’t let the determining factor of whether they get that position or not be, in fact, their gender. So, for example, let’s say you have equally impressive candidates. One a woman and one a man. You shouldn’t let the determining factor be that you will choose the man over the woman because, well, he’s a he and not a she.

What should the determining factor be? Well, at that point, with all things being equal…it should be relational. Who do you get along with better; who do you connect with; who understands your vision and who will push it forward.

But the one thing that it should never be is a decision based on gender alone. Don’t make that mistake. And if at all possible…empower women. Why? To be a progressive leader in a changing landscape?

No. To put your business on the right, successful path with smart decision-making. And who’s going to get you there in the clutch? Yup. You guessed it.

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