Your Team Is Brainstorming All Wrong

Brainstorming is essentially the process of generating a mass of ideas and concepts as a group without initial limitations to generate ideas. However, this process is somewhat dated as recent studies suggest that the process is not as effective we might have once thought. As it turns out, group brainstorming might not be as effective as individual brainstorming as ideas thrown into the collective conscious tend to diminish unique individual solutions. To harness individual creativity in brainstorming groups, the author suggest using individually focused methods such as the 6-3-5 methods at first. Additionally, with more time allotted and more abstract brainstorming techniques such as drawing out ideas, brainstorming sessions can be much more productive and manageable for the group leader.

Key Takeaways:

  • Traditional methods for “brainstorming” may not be as effective as once thought.
  • To get the most from brainstorming sessions, leaders should encourage different team members to engage how and when they feel most comfortable.
  • Brainstorming could produce more effective and pointed results if those involved are allowed more leeway and creativity in the methods they use to generate ideas.

“Another difficulty with brainstorming is that there are often some people in the group who don’t like uncertainty.”

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