5 Tips on How To Recruit a Talented Finance Team

5 Tips on How To Recruit a Talented Finance TeamHiring in the current economy may seem like shooting fish in a barrel since there are so many job applications swimming about, but finding the right finance team members to make your company or corporation a success can be difficult. Just because somebody is talented at finance doesn’t mean that he or she will be a good fit for your organization; here’s how to get the best catch.

Consider your company’s culture. According to Entrepreneur.com, one of the most important things to look at when searching for talent in any industry is the culture of your company. You don’t just need somebody who can count beans; you need somebody who can work with the team you already have in place and align with your company’s goals. Things to consider include the formality of your team and the structure of goal setting and brainstorming—do you have a linear process in place or is it more of a free-for-all? Understanding how your company already operates will help you find the perfect cogs for your finance machine.

Use your words to attract top brass.  Business Insider suggests that there be a planned process for going through resumes and conducting interviews. It starts with the job description—Business Insider calls it using a “language of talent.” What this means is that the job listing shouldn’t just be a straight list of what the job entails; it should convey the sort of work ethic and attitude you want the right candidate for the job to have.  And this does not mean putting the word “ethical” in the job description.  Really, what does that even mean?

Understand what your talent wants.  Unsurprisingly, it’s not all about you and your company. This article from Accounting Web is a little bit old, but what it says about pleasing employees is true throughout the ages. If you want the best people to come work for you, you need to understand what the best people want. Make sure that your company not only offers a solid team of dedicated coworkers, but also clearly state inclusions of the benefit package and work expectations. In plain language: nobody wants to be overworked, underpaid, and undervalued, no matter how prestigious the job may be. Make it clear that your company doesn’t operate that way.

Get social. Listen to Forbes: 92% of US companies are using social media networks to sniff out new talent. The Forbes article referenced is actually titled “The Death of the Resume,” and for good reason.  Particularly, if you’re looking to fill out your finance team with younger talent, check out what your prospects are doing on LinkedIn, and make sure to monitor Google search results. Do your applicants have Twitter feeds?  You’ll be surprised how much you can learn about an individual through social media. You’ll get a much more holistic picture of your applicants through the power of the internet than you ever would through a single sheet of resume paper.

Bonus: consider advertising your job openings through social media avenues if your company has them. Putting your job description on LinkedIn or sending a tweet about it may have surprising results. Since many individuals in the same industry run in the same social media circles, you could very realistically end up with a boatload of qualified individuals for your finance team very quickly.

Hiring can seem a bit overwhelming. After all, the application pool is deep, and it’s easy to get lost in a sea of resumes. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best for your finance team, consider your company culture, word your job description carefully, understand what your perfect employee desires, and get social networking. You might be surprised how quickly and efficiently you can land the perfect finance team for your business.

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