5 Ways to Make It Safe for Employees to Speak Up

Leadership from a supervisor or manager can create an environment that promotes transparency and open and honest dialogue. There are five ways in which a manager can foster this kind of workplace. Leading by example, by talking openly and truthfully with your work force is a great way to set the standard you expect in communication for people you are leading. Along with honest dialogues, its important that they be helpful and accurate. Showing how to be critical or disappointed without discouraging communication and openness is a skill a manager needs to show and hopefully teach the team to use. And when coworkers use excellent dialogue and teamwork, rewarding them with praise and encouragement can set a standard others will want to live up too. Finally, engage in team projects and have special events to create a cohesive environment and teaches the coworkers to trust each other. Great Leadership can create a open and honest office environment that everyone feels apart of.

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