9 Mistakes New & Established Leaders Are Making Today

You can no longer ignore that we’re living in a remote & hybrid working environment and it’s not going back 100% to the old ways.

Here’s ten mistakes new AND established leaders are making, especially in the new work environment of remote and hybrid work:

Your Mindset

  • Whatever got you to your leadership role won’t get you to the next level of your career.
  • It requires a shift in mindset, do you have the right mindset?

Sending Mixed Messages

  • Communicating simply and clearly is easily said, but NOT easily executed.
  • Mistakes are easily made by not knowing how to effectively communicate instructions via email or Slack
  • Not understanding the words you use (or don’t use) matter

Thinking Only You Can Do the Best Job

  • My former manager would personally deliver a projector to an event we’re running simply because she thought she was “saving” money by not delegating it to our delivery guy, based on her salary, that cost us MORE than using the delivery guy…
  • Delegating is not just about assigning tasks, it’s know what to delegate, should you delegate and whether you’ve given proper instructions & clear objectives

Trying to Do Everything, Everywhere

  • Filling your time with “busyness” is not the same as being productive
  • Understanding how to prioritize, selecting what focus on, what to delegate, what NOT to do is important

Fires Keep Popping Up

  • Are you spending a lot of time putting out fires?
  • Do your team members always have to come to you to resolve problems?

Afraid of Making the Wrong Decision

  • Decisiveness is a hallmark or a great leader (even if you make a mistake).
  • We’re all human, we’ll make mistakes. It’s whether you have a way to back-up your decisions that’s important

Don’t Know How to Hire the Right People

  • Hiring the WRONG person can be very costly, in terms of cold-hard cash AND time (ask me how I know…)
  • Most leaders thrust into a leadership role aren’t given any kind of training for how to hire properly…
  • …even if you’re given training, it’s likely it’s based upon traditional methods of hiring which are somewhat broken, especially considering so many people lie on their resumes/CV’s

Not On-Boarding New Team Members Properly

  • Too often companies and leaders (falsely) expect new team members to be “read-to-go” on the first day, that always struck me as unrealistic and poor leadership
  • Even if you have some kind of on-boarding, how much of it is effective?

Using Old Management Methods in a Hybrid World

  • This is why managers who are struggling with remote and hybrid teams, the old methods don’t work
  • If you’re a micro-manager or someone who has a hard time relinquishing control, remote and hybrid environments are very uncomfortable, but it is manageable. You just need to have the RIGHT performance measurement metrics that work in this new environment.

Want to know how to easily and quickly overcome these issues? Go here to find out how.

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