Witch’s Brew in the Office

It’s no secret that the office space is one of the most germ-riddled areas in a person’s life. From dirty keyboards to light switches to door handles. Germs are everywhere. And with a simple touch, those germs can be transferred all over the office.

A new article points out just how dirty the office is, and a simple remedy to help clean things up. Researchers in Arizona

The University of Arizona researchers conducted their study at an office building with 80 employees. They contaminated a push-plate door at the building entrance with a virus called bacteriophage MS-2. It doesn’t infect people yet is similar in shape, size and survivability to common cold and stomach flu viruses.

What did they find? The workplace was infected in a matter of minutes. Why does this concern you? As a business leader you want to portray a commitment to your people and their health. Something as simple as supplying cleaning wipes will go a long way in your employees mindset that you care.

Read the rest here and see how a few things can go such a long way in the minds and hearts of your employees.

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