AGI Coming Sooner Than You Think?

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  • Let’s continue the saga from OpenAI and it looks like the rumours of OpenAI achieving (or close to achieving) some kind of AGI (artificial general intelligence) with what they’ve coined “Q*” looks to be real.

    Not only that, but recently NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, also stated he believes we’ll achieve AGI that can compete with humans within five years.

    Not to be outdone, Elon Musk also mentioned he believes AGI will be achieved within three years.
  • Unleash the Stephen Spielberg or Pixar in you, released a promising tool that could revolutionize the content creation industry. I’m still on the waitlist to get my own hands on it to take it for a spin, but it looks promising.
  • If you’re reading this newsletter, then you’ve obviously got some kind of interest in AI. Well, Amazon did a recent study and found employers are willing to pay a LOT more for employees with AI skills.
  • Microsoft is maneuvering itself into all the AI-corners it can get itself into. Microsoft announced an investment of $3.2 billion to help the UK build cloud infrastructure and skills development in AI.

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